This is where you begin your true soul's journey.

Shamanic energy work is a vast and expansive practice that spans a variety of tools, modalities, and cultures.


My healing work is deeply rooted in my ability to easily connect with energy and the spiritual realms in a way that allows me to shift energies into higher vibrational states.

  • Introductory session to energy healing. New clients only.

    1 hr

    149 US dollars
  • Learn to manage your energy through bio-energetic meditation.

    Price varies
  • Customize your healing experience with the Healing Circle.

    $ 40 per person
  • Spiritual Joining Ceremonies

    1 hr

    Price varies
  • Clear the negative energy of your home or land for new energy to come.

    2 hr

    Price varies
  • 3 months to jump start your spiritual journey.

    1,497 US dollars