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At that time, I was also experiencing health issues both mentally and physically.

I was enduring a  great deal of anxiety as well as depression. Then with the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis that doctors told me was only treatable with heavy medications or surgery, I knew there had to be another way to heal.

I began seeking alternative ways to heal both my mind and my body. Throughout my journey of healing myself, I met many different people who helped me regain control of my mind and body. I entered a one-year program with a holistic psychiatrist, where I really discovered my ability to not only heal myself, but to also heal others as well.

Following my curiosity and desire for more knowledge, I became certified from the White Winds Institute of Integrative Energetic Medicine and a Reiki Master, then continue to explore the field of energy healing through the practice of the Shamanic Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. I am also an ordained minister from the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

As I continued my journey, the deeper I connected and healed at the Soul level, the more healing was happening at the physical level. I began following my calling to help others heal themselves. I opened my healing practice in 2012 and also created a program called Le Cercle de Meditation™. This is a program that facilitates group healing circles and meditations, teaching participants to manage their own energy, helping them transform and awaken their heart and mind in order to heal.

Further aligning with my soul, I felt called again to continue growing into my power as a healer and teacher. Honoring all those who have come before me and in collaboration with all those who are yet to come, I created a new deep healing coaching program to help transform healers and bring them into alignment with their soul.

I am continuing to honor my gifts by creating this institute, a space for other healers to grow deeper into their own power. I trust that this new coaching program is what is needed at this time to help all of us deepen into our authentic existence and bring true healing to the planet as a whole.

Together we can follow our soul's calling and make a greater impact on our world. I hope you will join me on this journey and help me change the world for the better.



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