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Greetings, beautiful soul!

Welcome to this place of international energetic healing.

My name is Catherine Philippe, International  Energy Healer and Intuitive Transformational Coach, Meditation Facilitator, Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher

My intention is to create a safe space for all healers to explore deeper soul healing within themselves so that they may bring forth deeper soul healing within others. 

If you are here, then you are already feeling that is time for you to bring your powerful healing work into greater alignment with your soul's purpose.

By engaging the profound soul growth within ourselves we will ripple higher vibrations out to the entire planet. Together, we will forever shift the collective consciousness into a greater world for all.

You are ready to embrace the next level of your journey and I am honored to be your guide.

I look forward to further connecting with you!





Becoming the International Shamanic Energy Healer and Intuitive Transformational Coach that I am today took a lifetime of learning experiences that brought me into greater alignment with my soul. This is the story of my journey to becoming aligned with my authentic self.

I was born and raised in France in a town called Albertville in the middle of the Alps. I come from a long line of adventurous, intuitive, and healing souls. My maternal grandmother had a natural healer's spirit. She was soulful and intuitive. Part of me always knew that I had a natural healer's spirit just like her, but like many healers it took me many years to unearth my own gifts.

The transformation began for me after my husband and I had spent many years traveling while working with the Olympic Games. We had enjoyed our time moving to many places and experiencing different cultures, but our family needed more stability. We decided to return to my hometown in France before ultimately relocating to Atlanta, Georgia; a decision that I would later realize was made by my soul to put me where I needed to be for the next part of my journey.


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